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Safa kept his promise

07 December 2021

Businessman Ali Özmen Safa, who challenged Havadis Newspaper about his publications, saying, "If they can't prove it, I will file a lawsuit", has kept his promise.

The attached extract from Star Kibris newspaper shows the details of a $1 million lawsuit issued by Safa against Havadis.

The Havadis newspaper, which slandered businessman Ali Özmen Safa for the statements made on the Famagusta-Iskele-Yeniboğaziçi zoning plan by Star Kıbrıs and Ada TV, will now have to justify them to the courts. Ali Özmen Safa, who filed a lawsuit against Havadis Newspaper for $1m, said, "It is shameful in terms of the ethical values of journalism that Havadis Newspaper publishes fake news without proof. We will seek our rights.”

This follows his challenge last week to Havadis newspaper to provide proof of what it was saying. Havadis having failed to meet this challenge Safa has had no alternative but to protect his reputation and that of the journalists who work for Star Kibris and ADA TV by issuing proceedings.