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Medview Homes News

Hilltop has, unfortunately, continued to be plagued by further problems with water pipes bursting

16 August 2021

Medview have arranged for experts to assess the problem. They have determined that the principal cause of the problem is a build up in air pressure which has resulted from the very small through-flow of water through the system this year. Understandably with all the COVID-related problems occupancy has been at an all-time low resulting in very low water use.

The experts have established that there are about 9 areas of particular concern. These are all where pipes branch off the main water supply to serve individual blocks of properties.

Work has now started to instal air valves in the relevant places and it is expected that once that work is completed over the coming days the problem of the bursting pipes should be a thing of the past.

Once the valves have been installed then the roads and pathways affected will be restored.

The investigations to get to the bottom of the problem and the remedial works to sort them out have a significant expense which has not been reflected in the Budget on which this year’s AMF was based. Nonetheless, Medview will meet the cost of this work and no charge will be made to owners.

The works currently being carried out will mean further disruptions to the water supply. This cannot be avoided, regrettable though it is. However, once the work is completed further disruption to supply will hopefully become a thing of the past.