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HODA Committee legality

25 July 2020


It has been brought to our attention that an owner is claiming that a court has in some way decided that the registration of HODA is unlawful and that therefore the very existence and function of HODA is null and avoid.
As Medview Estates Management Limited derives it current authority to manage the development from its appointment by HODA under the provisions of the Administration Plan we have felt it prudent to take legal advice.
We set out, below, the email advice which we have received for your information:

“Dear All,

As there have been several claims concerning the legality of Hilltop Owners Democratic Association (HODA), I would like to bring to your attention that HODA has been registered with the Land Registry as an official association under registration number KM - 12-4/19.

Claiming this entity to be illegal does not deem it illegal, since it is registered officially it can only be deemed illegal only by a Court order. My Office now represents HODA in any matters of law and until today no single case has been filed against the legality of the committee, (nor any case has been filed against the Committee for that matters) thus for lack of challenge of its legality HODA is a registered and legal entity. Any person who wishes to claim otherwise I will be happy to explain the legal position. Kind regards,
Erdas Erbilen