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17 June 2020

Medview Estates Management Limited has been informed that two members of the HODA Committee have resigned. We have also been informed that the officially registered Chairman, Sinan, in the light of opposition expressed about him holding that position has resigned as Chairman whilst remaining a member of the Committee. There are currently two members of the Committee.

Concerns have been raised, given that the HODA Committee is no longer quorate, about how this will affect the management of Hilltop.

Following the adoption of the Administration Plan and the election of the original Committee a tendering exercise was entered into, following the requirements and procedures of the Administration Plan, in which Medview Estates Management Limited were successful. The then Committee, having consulted owners (again in accordance with the provisions of the Administration Plan) formally appointed Medview Estates Management Limited to manage Hilltop for the period 1 May 2020 to 30 April 2021.

Despite the fact that HODA is no longer constitutionally in a position to operate Medview Estates Management Limited wish to make it clear that they will abide by the terms of their appointment and will continue to manage Hilltop in accordance with the Budget which was put forward as part of the tendering process until April 2021.

It is clearly not for Medview to interfere in the internal affairs of HODA and if in the future the affairs of that organisation are regularised Medview would hope to be informed.

Medview Estates Management Limited will continue to perform its obligations under its current contract. However, the offer is repeated that should the majority of owners, whether through HODA or in some other way, determine that they wish to appoint a new management company at any point, even during the term of the current contract, then Medview will withdraw and the Safa Group will enter into negotiations to agree an arms length commercial arrangement for the current arrangements which apply in relation to the supply of clean water, the disposal and treatment of dirty water and sewage, the use of the Olympic Pool and dealing with burst pipes to continue if that is the wish of owners or those then representing them.

Should you have any queries about the issues raised in this email so far as they relate to management please direct them to