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Feeding Cats

03 June 2020

Over many years it has become more and more apparent that the British, in particular, have a love for animals which sometimes seems to exceed their love for humans. Whilst the motives behind providing food for stray cats is, in some ways, to be applauded as a fine sentiment concerns have been raised by a number of owners, which we have to say we share, that this is not a good idea.

A ready source of food will only attract more stray animals. Sadly animals will not be able to read any "Cats Only" signs which may be put up. The food source and even just its smell will attract rats, snakes, and yet more dogs.

For those who are unaware of it some well-meaning owners at Hilltop have installed a feeding station intended for stray cats and are appealing for funds to provide a constant supply of food for it. I attach a photo of it as sent to me by an owner and taken from the HODA forum.

We are well aware that our frequent appeals over the years not to feed stray animals on the basis that this only attracts more stray animals have largely been ignored but this latest development of a communal feeding station is one which we feel will only end in being detrimental to the development and you as owners.

We do not wish to be killjoys and at the end of the day it is your development so we would appreciate Owners' views as to whether you feel this feeding station is acceptable. We can confirm that it is something which would have required our permission to install and depending on owners' views we can take action to have it removed, although I am sure that those who were responsible for having it put there would, in any event, abide by the views expressed by owners. As any animals attracted to Hilltop might also venture onto Seaview Resort the views of Seaview owners are also invited and will be taken into account. Please give your views by an email to