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11 May 2020

A few years ago there was a major problem with pests, particularly, rodents and cockroaches.

We therefore engaged an outside contractor to carry out the necessary preventative measures. This has not proved to be as successful as we would have wished and, accordingly, a decision has been made to make pest control an in-house activity under the umbrella of Medview Estates Management Limited.

As can be seen from the photographs that have been posted on the individual development pages poison traps for rodents have been placed in strategic places around the sites. We are also in the process of spraying against cockroaches, ants and spiders.

We will also be taking steps to reduce problems from mosquitos.

The Safa Group will shortly be announcing a service for carrying out pest control measures within individual properties and details will appear on this site in due course. in relation to mosquitos we would mention that new regulations which have been introduced require that all swimming pools are properly maintained or otherwise emptied with legal sanctions against those who fail to comply.

Medview Estates Management will ensure that all communal pools are kept in accordance with the regulations. It is, however, for those with their own pools to ensure that these are maintained and cleaned frequently or alternatively emptied. We would point out that there are dangers in emptying pools as this can lead to problems with the tiles as they lack the pressure of the water and are also exposed to the elements and high temperatures in Cyprus, especially during the Summer.

If owners with individual pools wish to discuss a pool management contract with Medview Estates Management Limited they are invited to get in touch through