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11 May 2020

At around this time of year we would normally be opening the restaurant at Sunrise.

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak it is currently forbidden for restaurants to be opened. The indications from Government are that these restrictions will remain in place for some weeks longer. It is certainly not expected that any flights will come into the country until next month. We have published an article on the main News page setting out what we understand to be the Government's anticipated time-scale for relaxing measures which are currently in place. The attitude of the South Cyprus Government is also indicated there.

The restaurant at Sunrise has never run at a profit and it is subsidised by Medview. That it can open at all is dependent on there being the usual number of people staying at Sunrise and using the bar and restaurant.

At the moment there are very few families in residence at Sunrise and the restrictions on travel suggest that this number will not materially increase in the short term. For the present, therefore, even when the Government allows restaurants to reopen we do not anticipate that the Sunrise bar and restaurant will be opened although we will, of course, keep this under close review.

In the meantime we are taking the opportunity of re-decorating the restaurant whilst it is closed.