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Medview Homes News


02 May 2020

A major concern of owners at and visitors to Safakoy, as confirmed by a survey carried out by the HODA Committee shortly after their election, is the state of the road running from the main Bogaz to Karpaz road up to Safakoy. Over the years this has deteriorated to the point where it is almost impassable when there has been heavy rain.
The point has been made many times that the upkeep of this public road is not the responsibility of the developer nor indeed the management company. Promises have been made by the Belediye on a number of occasions that the work would be included in the next year's Budget but at no point has the Belediye actually been able to set aside the actual funds for the work to be done.
Earlier this year the Safa Group committed itself to having the necessary work done. The project was sent out to tender and a contract was actually entered into. The start date for the work was to be towards the end of March but then of course the Coronavirus lockdown came into effect and construction work had to cease.
The Government have now indicated that construction work will soon be permitted to re-start and Medview will be contacting the contractor to find out when the renewal of the road can take place. Hopefully it will be very soon and owners can look forward to having one of their major areas of dissatisfaction resolved.
The not insignificant cost of the works on the road will not be passed on to owners at Safakoy and will be met, in full, by the Safa Group.