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Medview Homes News


02 May 2020

For many years now the Skyline Residence project has been in mothballs and the future development of this site adjoining Hilltop Village has been something which many owners have raised.

The timing of the lockdown resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic could not have come at a worse time.
For the last two years the Safa Group have been in discussions with interests in Saudi Arabia and whilst progress has been slow it has been steady.
A structural survey has recently taken place and those who are resident at Safakoy will have seen that in the weeks leading up the lockdown some work was being done on the site. A delegation from Saudi Arabia. accompanied by their German based advisers, had actually booked flights to visit North Cyprus arriving on 23 March. Of course with the shut down in Europe, the Middle East and North Cyprus that visit had to be postponed.

Intense discussions have been continuing during the lockdown and arrangements involving banks and lawyers have been put in place.v There is ever hope that once the lock down is lifted and travel to North Cyprus become both possible and safe that the delegation will re-book and that this will lead to good news for those who wish to see the completion, in some form or another, of the Skyline Residence project.